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All Saints Anglican School – Early Childhood Centre

Client: All Saints Anglican School

Category: Education

Early Childhood Centre

This building was located within the existing Junior School Wing of the All Saints campus to accommodate 5 new learning areas and associated playgrounds and auxiliary spaces. The special constraints of the site influenced the radical design that involved suspending the outdoor playground area over the existing carpark. This not only created a unique raised playground environment but also provided a sheltered set down and car park area for parents.

The two main Preparatory spaces on the lower level are double height offering a retreat mezzanine space overlooking the pool and playground. On the higher level and adjacent to the suspended playground, the Preparatory spaces incorporate a cooling atrium which provides natural light and assists in regulating temperatures using intelligent glazing systems.

Throughout the building, vibrant colours and animated finishes provide a lively and colourful space to help foster creativity and provide a fun environment in which to learn and play.

Project Value: $4.5 million